Charity Fundraiser!

High Street Barbers are supporting James and his fundraising for Southmead Hospital NICU

We are inviting customers and friends to get involved by sporting moustaches for the month of November to raise money for Southmead hospital NICU.

As some of you may be aware, James’s youngest daughter Isla arrived extremely early at 24 weeks and only weighing 517 grams.

Without the amazing help from the Doctors / Midwives together with the NICU Doctors & Nurses, she wouldn’t be here 6 months down the line, and weighing nearly 9lbs!

We would really like to raise some money by making ourselves look a bit silly to help support the amazing work these people do within Southmead NICU, who I know James and his family will be forever grateful to and forever in their debt.

If you would like to join in, please message Matty on 07506 274827,
Or donate at

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Your Moustaches of the Month!

  • 1 Matty With His Tash.

    Matty is sporting his village people handlebar tash in style!

    Rumour has it, if the donations hit £4000 he is going to shave his hair off too…Come on people lets make it happen 🙂

  • 2 Shaun's with his tash

    Shaun has spent the past 35 years perfecting his local Policeman look…

    If you see him out and about don’t forget to greet him with “Evenin’ all…what’s going on here then”




  • 3 James's tash.

    James is really pulling off his handlebar tash…could he see out 2021 with this new look?

    Although James won’t want us to say, he has agreed at £2000 of donations all his hair and his prize procession, his mullet will go!


  • 4 Tom Finney's Tash

    Here we have Tom with his crazy Bronson tash…

    Now Tom did say that if we were to raise a £1000, he would also go FULL Bronson, Yes that means he will shave off all his hair, right down to the wood…Now will he be a man of his word?

  • 5 Matt Owens Tash

    We have a new entry…Matt is going for the Ned Flanders look and we think he’s smashed it…

  • 6 Rory's Tash

    Rory has decided to go for the Magnum P.I. (Tom Selleck) look! We think he’s nailed it, what do you think?